ALL IN Productions

Bringing your passion into


ALL IN Productions is a video production company with a unique ability to turn every business or project into a beautiful video with the right message and delivering results – making it one of its kind! The focus is not only making videos that look good but converts into results via video strategies.

ALL IN Productions is started by Lasse Joergensen (Copenhagen, Denmark), who currently resides in Edmonton.

The Vision

The vision in my videos has to do with seeing your spark, igniting it and finding a unique and creative way to bring it and deliver it to world in an effective way. I truly enjoy engaging with creative projects and the people behind them, because I know and love that business is first about people, and then products.

I’m ALL IN what I do in each project. ALL IN is a commitment to being fully engaged and being in flow! Once we film, I bend all my skills, technology, and inspiration to produce a stunning representation of you and your work/project that fits your needs, budget and delivers results through video strategies.

For me, it’s not just a video or production – it’s insight into a new understanding of what you do and who you are. That is what I draw out and bring into production.

The creative vision is the heart within the technical products and that’s what I bring out with my clients. The result is a professional, cinematic and creative video, that will take your business or project to the next level and deliver results!

Lasse Joergensen


Videographer. Photographer.
Marketing Strategist. Composer.
Entrepeneur. Adventurer. Psychotherapist.
– A different kind of tool box and mindset!

For me, making a video and offering media services is so much more than business. It’s a personal connection that makes it all flow, and brings life to business. It’s like planting a meaningful seed and watering it until it turns into a tree. My vision is to inspire people and help businesses and projects grow!

I have been on a vast journey in my life that has led me to where I am today. I lived most of my life in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I have always been passionate about creating. With people, in technical, artistic, and interpersonal fields. From starting my own t-shirt brand at age 18, launching an online kayak business, getting a marketing degree, working in the fashion industry and later as a psychotherapist (DK), to composing and producing my own music and videos for many years. All of it has led me to ALL IN Productions.

People have always told me that I bring the best out of them in a natural way. They feel relaxed and creative. Bringing new eyes to them personally and their business.

My filming style can be described as cinematic, creative, with depth and intimacy.