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My journey in learning to be ALL IN

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ALL IN means being 100% in what I do.

Being focused and committed – giving everything to what I’m in. And I love learning about life, people, and what brings meaning into everything we do. Over the years, life has taught me to be ALL IN what I do.
Here are four personal examples from my life:
Making music and videos
In 2010 I had some time off of work. I bought a professional studio program Ableton Live and I started composing music. Music has always been my life and it was such a fulfilling experience to start producing it on my own. To start, I created a MYSPACE profile where I began making small videos. Within a few years I got over 50.000 downloads of my music and variety of followers from all over the world. Later I switched to SoundCloud. Here is my SoundCloud profile. It’s amazing when something you really love doing ripples into people with a deep impact. For me, that’s everything!

Audio production

900 km in flip flops and no cell phone

In 2015 I stepped out of the hamster wheel and walked 900 km in flip flops with only a small backpack and no mobile phone. I walked Camino de Santiago in Spain (The Northern Way). The beauty and simplicity of walking 30 km each day and having no obligations. Meeting nature and life open minded. Letting go. It was a raw and deeply inspiring time for me – it defined new inner perspectives.
Walking 30 km every day for 30 days. Life changing!

Being ALL IN - I did it

A moment of celebration.

Crossed the ocean between Sweden and Denmark in an inflatable kayak
I started an online Kayak business in Copenhagen in 2013 and I wanted to test the product that I was selling. So I thought, why not go from one country to another in an inflatable kayak, crossing on of the busiest shipping routes. With a 25km/h wind and a sail in the tiny kayak, I managed to arrive back in Denmark in 5 hours. It was pretty terrifying. The wind was too strong for me to even sail back, I could only follow the wind. I had to trust life, and trust this new product that really showed what it was made of. An epic experience!
First gig played fulfilled my biggest dream!
I love churches. The large halls, rooms, the architecture, how the reverb moves and… the silence. My biggest dream was to play a gig in one of the biggest churches in Copenhagen. One day, I met a guy who plays electronic and ambient music, and arranges concerts in The Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen. We got along well and started jamming together. Shortly after I played a 3-hour long improvisational concert in that famous church. That first gig was it for me! That was my biggest dream come true without any effort.

Playing cello bow on a guitar - Live Event

Playing the cello bow on my electric guitar during a 3-hour long live improvisational concert in Copenhagen.