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3 phases in producing a video

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In producing a video, there are typically 3 phases

Pre-production, Production and Post-production. It’s like composing a song and making a movie from scratch!

The first phase is pre-production. It’s when we discuss the content of the video, the script, locations and the dynamics we will bring to the production. It’s a story board and a plan for the whole production.
Most importantly, it’s the phase in which we decide the vision for the production.

The second phase is the production. It’s when we shoot the video on location, and immerse ourselves into the dynamics of the production. This is an exciting process – it’s live and we are all in it! It includes setting up the gear and equipment, lighting, and positioning, and fine-tuning video and audio settings, making sure everything is as perfect (as possible). It’s always worth it too plan extra time for filming, as the process has a life of its own that we respond to. It’s the magical balance between careful planning and jumping in with both feet. I really love this part. Seeing people unfolding their passion, business and their lives.

The third phase is post-production. This is where all the footage — the puzzle pieces — come together. This is the actual editing phase, where video, text, music and audio emerge into one — all in! The video is color graded for the right look and a mood to suit the style and content.
We will show you the result and make corrections accordingly.
This phase is my favorite part: all the tools are at hand. I relax and create a beautiful picture out of all the pieces, drawing from what I’ve learned from working with you. Every frame and note matters, and the vision becomes real.

The three phases of the production highlight the importance of the dynamic between you and me, the producer. With clear communication, enjoying the process, and forming a vision, all three phases of production flow towards the best results.

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