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Brand Message Video Production – Art of Charcuterie

Years ago, the owner of Art of Charcuterie wanted to create a Brand Message Video for their website. The owner Diana Harrison was looking for a fresh, vibrant and creative video that truly captured her personality, passion and love in her work. The video is still bringing in customers.

Brand Message Video Production - Art of Charcuterie
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The Challenge

When starting and growing a business their are many challenges, including limited engagement and connection with the target audience. As a business you basically don’t exist if no-one sees you! Without a video, it becomes difficult to effectively convey the brand story and values, weakening the ability to differentiate from competitors. Furthermore, a business misses out on the opportunity to build brand recognition and trust, which can have a negative impact on marketing efforts, online presence, and social media campaigns. So by not having a Brand Message Video makes it harder to capture attention and retain interest, as well as leverage the power of visual storytelling to drive brand awareness and engagement. That’s why Diana H. reached out to us to start a high quality video production.

Our Approach

We wanted to focus on Diana’s amazing personality and highlight her passion and love for the business, and also showcase the art she serves through Charcuterie. A video that brings you into Diana’s world for 1 min. to leave you inspired and sparkled with love and creativity.

The Results

The result speaks for itself. It’s a Brand Message Video that stands out and shows Diana’s passion, love and warm personality in a smooth and creative presentation. After the video was published on her website and social media she sold out for months and she grew her business hundreds of percent the following period. Diana claims that people still come in because they want to meet her after seeing the video online.
We have been working with Art of Charcuterie for years now and her business is ever growing. Check out Art of Charcuterie’s website.

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