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Corporate Video Production – Cyber Security Company

ALT-TECH is a successful Cyber Security & IT Management Company in Alberta. They were looking to make a Corporate Video and video marketing content, to tell their unique story and show who they are, and what they do in a nutshell.
We were happy to embark on this journey with them to make it happen! After a few meetings we were ready to rock!

ALT-TECH - IT Company - Video Production - Corporate Shoot
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The Challenge

In the digital era, in this case in Cyber Security & IT Management, IT companies face a unique set of hurdles without a corporate video on their website. It’s a digital jungle out there, and standing out with a distinct service or product is no small feat. A missing video element can lead to a failure to captivate visitors and potential clients in general on social media as well – a lost chance to weave their narrative, an inability to showcase their distinctive culture, a reduced digital footprint, and a weakened brand credibility. Recognizing these obstacles, elevate their digital profile, captivate their audience, narrate their brand journey, and solidify their reputation in the marketplace. The key to surmounting these barriers lies in forging a partnership with a seasoned video production company, one that can craft an engaging and enlightening corporate video. Sharing an authentic story and face to the world.
This strategic move is designed to amplify their digital visibility, mesmerize viewers, articulate their brand story, and reinforce industry trust.
ALT-TECH had everything in place for this as a very successful IT Company, but simply needed a team to tell the story and bridge it to the world via video marketing.

Our Approach

In a few strategic dialogues with ALT-TECH’s team, we delved deep into the company’s ethos and aspirations. Our mission: to distill the essence of ALT-TECH into a corporate video that’s as innovative as their technology and approach in the industry. They are industry-leaders. The production unfolded over a few days at ALT-TECH’s headquarters for all the content, transforming their office space into a storytelling canvas. We orchestrated a series of interviews featuring the company’s luminaries and filmed the whole team in action through-out the day. Our approach was to evoke authenticity and show the company as is.

The Results

ALT-TECH’s final masterpiece is a corporate video of high quality, a timeless asset that will fortify their brand’s trust and prominence. It’s more than a marketing tool; it’s a bridge to the world, infusing authenticity into the digital realm. This video is a narrative tapestry spun to showcase the heartbeat of ALT-TECH – their distinctive culture and the spirited individuals who are the pillars of the company. It’s a visual anthem that celebrates their journey, resonates with viewers, and distinguishes ALT-TECH in the marketplace. Click here to go to their website.

Behind the Scenes

ALT-TECH - IT Company - Video Production - Corporate Shoot
Lots of fun working with the team. ALT-TECH – IT Company – Video Production – Corporate Shoot

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