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Corporate Video Production – IT Company

Cadence Solutions, a successful IT Consultant Company in Alberta, reached out to us because they wanted to have their Corporate Video made to showcase who they and what they do. Furthermore, they wanted a short 30-sec. promo video as a part of their video strategy.
A corporate video is a short intro video that aims to communicate key messages about the company, its products or services, values, achievements, or goals to often a specific target audience. Corporate videos often combine footage of interviews for the main speaking part with additional dynamic video footage to engage viewers and deliver a cohesive and impactful message. They are commonly used for marketing campaigns, employee training, investor presentations, company announcements, or to enhance the company’s online presence.

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The Challenge

There are several challenges for IT companies when they don’t have a corporate video on their website as the world is getting digitalized and it can be hard to stand out with a specific service or product. Without a video, a company may struggle to engage visitors, miss storytelling opportunities, showing their unique culture, diminish their online presence, and have a lack of brand trust. This company reached out to us to get a video production done to help overcome these challenges and enhance their online presence, engage audiences, convey their brand story, and establish trust within the industry. To overcome these challenges, the solution is to partner and collaborate with a professional video production company to create a compelling and informative corporate video. This would help enhance their online presence, engage audiences, convey their brand story, and establish trust within the industry.

Our Approach

We had a few meetings with the owner of the IT Company to get an understanding of the vision and mission of the company, and getting all the information and details we needed to pull up a unique video production for this corporate video.
It was a 1-day shoot at their head office, where we combined an interview setup with the key persons of the company, with dynamic and creative video footage of the office, people and the work environment. In the interview setting we made sure to let them feel as genuine and comfortable as possible and bringing out the personality, spark and joy in their work. We wanted the corporate video to stand out and combined it with drone footage of Edmonton.

The Results

The result was a high quality corporate video that the IT company can use for years to come to build brand trust, brand awareness and stand out in the market. It’s a way to humanize the company and build a real connection with the world. It tells their story in a genuine way and captures the unique culture and people in the company. Click here to go to their website.

Behind the Scenes

Just before the shoot of the interview. This is our full interview setup with 2-3 cameras to make the video production very dynamic and captivating.
Click here to watch the Instagram video reel with behind the scenes footage.

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