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Intro Video Production – e4c, non-profit

We have had the honor of working with the nonprofit organization e4c in Alberta over the past years. This video project was about capturing the essence of their remarkable School Nutrition Program, which provides nutritious free meals to thousands of children every single day. Through this video, we aimed to showcase the impact of the program, highlight the importance of proper nutrition for children, and raise awareness about e4c’s commendable work.

Testimonial Video Production - e4c
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The Challenge

The challenge was to convey the significance of e4c’s School Nutrition Program within the limited duration of the video. We needed to effectively communicate the scale and scope of their operations, the positive impact on children’s lives, and the importance of continued work in the communities. Balancing emotional storytelling with factual information was crucial to ensure viewers understood the program’s significance and were inspired.

Our Approach

To tackle this challenge, we took a multifaceted approach to tell the compelling story of the School Nutrition Program. We collaborated closely with the e4c team, ensuring that their vision and objectives were at the forefront of our creative process. Our team conducted research on the topic and scheduled the day of filming.

We wanted to capture the spirit and energy of the children benefiting from the School Nutrition Program. Through a combination of heartwarming interviews, engaging visuals, and vibrant footage, we sought to create an emotional connection between the viewers and the children. We combined footage of the city (drone), actual shots of the food getting prepared in the school, and delivered and eaten by the students, with the interviews delivering the main content.

The Results

The resulting video was an introductive video that tells and showcases what The School Nutrition Program is and the importance of it in a dynamic and engaging way. It effectively communicated the essence of the School Nutrition Program, capturing the hearts and minds of viewers. The video generated great engagement, sparking conversations and inspiring the community. It’s a video that can be used for many years to come, to promote the important work of e4c.

Through this project, we witnessed firsthand the immense impact that nonprofits can have by utilizing videos to tell their stories. Videos offer a compelling medium to convey the mission, values, and impact of an organization. They provide an emotional connection, making the viewers feel invested in the cause and motivated to even contribute. In the case of e4c, the video helped raise awareness about the School Nutrition Program to attract support from donors, volunteers, and advocates.

We are proud to have partnered with e4c and played a role in spreading the word about their invaluable work. Together, we believe in the transformative power of videos to amplify the efforts of nonprofits and inspire positive change.

To watch the video and learn more about e4c’s School Nutrition Program, please visit their website.

Behind the Scenes

Some shots of the setup before the interviews started and a testimonial video with the Director of Sustainability and Communications of e4c.

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