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Online Course Video Production – Edmonton Healing Foundation, non-profit

We are thrilled to share our recent video production project for the Edmonton Healing Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Alberta. At ALL IN Productions, we had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the foundation in creating an engaging and impactful online course on grief. This course aimed to provide individuals with the tools, support, meditations, and weekly tasks they need to heal and find solace in their journey through grief.

Online Course Video Production - Edmonton Healing Foundation
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The Challenge

When Edmonton Healing Foundation approached us with their vision of developing an online course, we understood the significance of the challenge at hand. Grief is a deeply personal and sensitive topic, and our task was to convey its complexities while ensuring a compassionate and accessible learning experience for participants. We knew we needed to strike the right balance between educational content and emotional connection, making the course valuable for a diverse range of individuals seeking healing. For this they were collaborating with a content creator. Also for the delivery we needed to find a great way for the talent in the video to share the information in a relaxed, authentic and natural way.

Our Approach

To tackle this project, we adopted a meticulous approach. We began by collaborating closely with the Edmonton Healing Foundation team to gain a deep understanding of their mission, goals, and target audience. We helped our talent with confidence training and on how to use a teleprompter in advance to make sure she was ready and set for the shoot.

With a focus on storytelling and empathy, a script was developed that guided participants through six thoughtfully designed video episodes. Each episode delved into various aspects of grief, such as understanding loss, coping mechanisms, and rebuilding one’s life along with meditations for each episode.

We captured stunning original visuals that evoked emotions while maintaining a sense of sensitivity and respect for the subject matter. By combining cinematic shots, intimate interview-style content, we ensured that the course had a visually engaging and emotionally resonant impact on its viewers with the right music, flow and colors.

The Results

We are immensely proud of the results achieved through our collaboration with the Edmonton Healing Foundation. The online course we created has proven to be an invaluable resource for individuals seeking solace and healing in their grief journey.

The Importance of Online Courses for Organizations and Nonprofits

Creating online courses has become increasingly important for organizations and nonprofits. Here’s a brief highlight of their importance and value:

  1. Accessible Education: Online courses break down barriers to education by providing accessible and convenient learning opportunities. They enable organizations to share their expertise, resources, and support with a wider audience, reaching individuals who may not have access to in-person services.
  2. Scalability: Online courses have the potential to scale impact exponentially. By digitizing knowledge and utilizing multimedia formats, organizations can efficiently disseminate information, empower individuals, and make a difference on a larger scale.
  3. Engagement and Connection: Well-crafted online courses foster engagement, emotional connection, and community building. Through interactive elements, expert insights, and storytelling techniques, organizations can create transformative learning experiences that resonate

Behind the Scenes

A shot of the setup before the recording started on the scripted content. And a video made by Edmonton Healing Foundation of the importance of using video for a nonprofit organization.

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