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Why add Behind The Scenes footage to your video strategy?

Behind the scenes Video Production - Art of Charcuterie
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As a business owner you want to create trust and build connections in an authentic way.
We like seeing the final product. But we love seeing the process!

In addition to providing insights into how a product or service is made, behind-the-scenes videos help humanize your brand, product, or service in an authentic way. They offer your audience a peek behind the curtains, giving them a feeling of inclusion that helps them connect with your brand on a deeper level.With our video production company we do the same. We also create “Behind The Scenes” reels for our Instagram and LinkedIN profiles, so that our future clients get to know what we do, how we do it and the showing what it takes to make a professional video. It’s educating, motivational and entertaining – which makes them very popular!

Behind the scenes, working with Art of Charcuterie on a second project.

✅ People like the finished product, but love seeing the process
✅ Humanize your business
✅ Use a timelapse video or raw footage to show the whole process

Here is a reel we made for Instagram on why to add behind the scenes videos!